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Shasta, California Website Maintenance

Freelancers got you down?

The average freelance web developer charges $50/hour and doesn't bother to backup your website!

Hi, my name is Rob Docherty and I want to help you manage your website.

I can assist with website troubleshooting, malware infections, website updates & website maintenance.

I'm the 1st result on Google when you search: 24/7 Website Support.

Want to screen share? ($29 for 30 minutes)

How I work

Every request must be initiated and communication must occur strictly via email.

On occassion we may schedule a screen sharing session or phone call to better understand your request at no additional cost.

Scope of work

Notice: There are no contracts and you may cancel at any time.

We offer troubleshooting services for anything involving your website.

We can't fix everything.

Our inability to resolve a particular issue does not constitute a refund.

We will make a best-effort or provide a referral to someone within our network for an additional fee.


You will be charged $29 per month automatically through a debit or credit card.

Refunds are only available within the first 30 days of becoming a new customer.

This fee covers a single domain name and a single website installation.

Additional domain names or websites can be covered for an additional fee to be discussed.

We operate several website-oriented service based businesses within the United States.

If you need troubleshooting assistance, on screen help for creative or technical tasks, or have a malware-infected website, we can help.

24/7 Website Support.

Share Screens & Solve Problems.

Backup & secure your website. Logo

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