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We provide website support plans for anyone looking for a helping hand.

We Screen Share & Troubleshoot Your Website

Starting at $49. Annual option for only $29/month ($360/year)

To get started call us at (408) 915-7483 or start a live chat at the bottom right of the website

We can fix your issue immediately, schedule a session or we offer an annual retainer option. Pricing can change on a per-case basis.

We accept payment via PayPal, debit or credit after the session ends.

"I was tired of clients being overcharged & underserviced, so I started offering website support services for only $29/month!"

- Rob Docherty, Founder

Introducing Site Buddy™

We're available 24/7 directly on YOUR website!

We have created Site Buddy™ to make it easy to integrate our support system into your business.

Think of it as a bat signal for our team to contact you!

We provide a snippet of code that allows you to securely access our team whenever you want through a combination of fully customizable keystrokes and a single click of a button. Logo

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